Friday, July 25, 2008

Liebskind's Loop

2.7 mi, 750', 2.5hrs
Mark and Nat

After torrential rain and thunder storms last night we came out on Friday morning to find a clear blue sky and a promise for a perfect day tomorrow for Seek the Peak. With half the day to kill after getting our daugher off to camp we decided to get in a warm up hike. Since we were at Joe Dodge Lodge there were many options without driving anywhere. We decided to try a new route which we hadn't heard of before seeing it in the "recommended hikes" section in the White Mountain Guide - Liebskind's Loop. It is basically a multi-trail loop that starts on the Old Jackson Road (same trailhead as Tuckerman's). After crossing the first brook on the OJR the loop then goes clockwise around Crew Cut Trail, Georges's Gorge Trail, Liebskind's Loop, Crew Cut Trail back to OJR. It is a well maintained path all the way with some beautiful streams and bogs and a nice climb through the woods to two small ledges (Brad's Bluff and Lila's Ledge) on the Liebskind's Loop trail. They provide beautiful views down Pinkham Notch, across Wildcat and up the ravines to Mt Washington. We didn't meet a single person on the trails and it appears that this is a well kept secret.

Cloudless morning over PNVC

High brooks on OJR after much rain the last few days

Beautiful bogs

Views open up first at Brad's Bluff

Even better views from Lila's Ledge

Nice place to spend the morning

Later in the day the pre-sunset view over Mt Washington promises a beautiful day for Seek the Peak tomorrow.

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