Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seek the Peek '09 - 7/25/09

This year was the second Seek the Peak for Nataile and I and the first for our daughter Jamie. While we considered taking a different route from last year we decided to stick with the same one (up Lion Head and down Tucks) since it was so awesome the first time and we wanted Jamie to have that experience for her first time up the mountain. We spent the weekend at Moose Brook campground with several other STP groups which was just great. We had planned to get started at 6:00am to beat the crowds but it was 6:30 by the time we got going. The weather may have kept some of the groups from starting early since we had the trails pretty much to ourselves most of the way up.

Heading up Tucks

The weather was comfortable for hiking but there weren't many views on the way up. Got a little break in the clouds as we got above treeline on Lion Head.

Tim, Val, Debi and company met up with us here

Me and my best girl!

Clearing didn't last long and we were socked in by the time we got to Lion Head. 

Got cold and windy too and everyone started adding layers.

And then off into the clouds...

And finally on top (still in the clouds)

Got a great tour of the OBS from Stacey

And after a nice stay on the summit we got our summit photo with one (or two) of the local celebrities before heading down.

We then ventured back out into the crowds that were now headed down Tucks.

As we got near the top of the ravine the clouds started to clear and the rest of the afternoon was incredible!

The snow arch wasn't quite gone and Jamie got her first taste of snow in July

Jamie had had just about enough by the time we got to HoJo's and we barely saw her the rest of the way down as she got into "Seek the End" mode and flew down the rest of Tucks. We met up with Tim&Val again below HoJo's and hiked most of the way down with them.

The dinner/party was excellent again although some were a bit tired.

Everyone had their eye on Brad's car 

which actually turned out to be Brad's car!

And the "king of the fundraising" cleaned up the rest of the big prizes

All in all it was another fantastic year for STP and another great day on Mt Washington. Saturday night was great hanging out with the gang at the Moose Brook shelter (thanks Kevin and Judy) and another excellent day Sunday with the mandatory lunch celebration at Moat and a great evening hanging out by the campfire with Tim & Val. Monday began a new adventure for us - but that's another TR...

Can't wait for STP '10!!!

The rest of the photos are here:

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