Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sliding Across the Tripyramids - 8/28/2010

Last week when we were sitting on the summit of Osceola staring at all the beautiful mountains that surrounded us my eye kept getting drawn to the North Tripyramid Slide. Sure looked like a great climb. Figured we'd have to do that one soon. Today was the day.

I had the privilege of being accompanied by four lovely ladies for today's hike - Natalie, Val, Judy and Emma. It couldn't have been a better day to be in the mountains! After a pre-dawn departure from RI and a stop to pick up Val we were at the Livermore trailhead at 8:30 and ready to roll. The air was cool and clear and the sky was that almost-autumn blue. After a nice walk up Livermore we found ourselves at the start of the slabs on the North Slide. This was the first time on the Tripyramids for Nat and I and although Val, Judy and Emma had done them numerous times none of them had ever been up the slide. First times for everything....

The hike up the slide was AWESOME! After getting by the slick slabs at the bottom everyone got comfortable and we all enjoyed the gorgeous views. Lots of other folks (and dogs) on the trail today too. At the top of the slide we followed the obvious path - which turned out not to be the trail but more of an "interesting" bushwhack. A few scrapes later we were on North summit. 

The walk across the summits was beautiful. This is a really nice walk and the soft paths were definitely a welcome change from the slide. All too quickly we were at the top of the South Slide and on our way down. We enjoyed the way down and managed to avoid any serious slide surfing. With the cool green woods waiting at the bottom (and the brook for Emma) it was a nice walk back out and a great end to a great day. Couldn't have asked for a better hike or a greater group of people (and dog) to have shared it with. 

Emma heading up Livermore Rd

Getting to the slide

Osceola vistas

Steep on the slide

Judy getting the best of the slide

Almost on top

Nat gets a visitor

Great views

Nat and I on Middle Tripyramid for #21

Down the South Slide

Finally - a place to cool off!

Some signs of fall coming!!!

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